Kyanite Stone Pendants 

Our Black Kyanite stone comes from Brazil. 

It is usually found as distinctive fan shaped pieces called "Angel Wings".

  We send the stone to a lab where it receives a permanent coating of

 titanium, gold and silver. This gives our stone jewelry the

cobalt blue, silver, gold and magenta colors.

In addition to it's beauty,

Black Kyanite is a favorite among energy healers .

It is claimed to shield the body from negative energy,

while increasing your clairvoyance, telepathy, and empathy.

Black Kyanite's high  frequency makes it a great stone

to prepare for meditation and help with dream recall. 

It is also often used to explore past lives.

The wood used in our sophisticated and elegant jewelry 

comes from unusual sources:

  • Upcycled from woodworker friends cutoffs and scrap bins

  • Recycled from broken furniture, jewelry boxes, etc.

  • Salvaged from aborists trimming local trees

  • Worldwide sources which utilize sustainable harvest 

  • Trees that died from natural causes - disease, storms, insects, etc.

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Proudly made in Michigan, USA

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