Growing up on a produce farm required lots of time outdoors in the fields. Our family vacations consisted of camping in the woods, fishing and hunting. Early on, I became outdoor person with a love of the trees in the forest. It was in a high school wood shop that I began to see the beauty in the wood. It was no longer just 2x4s and plywood. My first true project was a cradle made of pine for my newborn son. My tools were an old circular saw, electric drill, a hammer and some screwdrivers. Although I would call it junk today, I was pretty proud of it then. My projects over the years grew to furniture, wood turnings, jewelry boxes and lathe turned pens. Several years ago,  I was at the local landfill. I couldn't believe my eyes. Someone was dumping beautiful spalted maple logs. I loaded it right into my trailer. The was the start of a journey. I built several projects using that wood, always throwing the cutoff pieces in the trash. One day, my daughter pulled a piece of wood out of the trash bin and asked if I could make earrings out of it. My wood jewelry was born. 

Custom pieces can be ordered. I will make every effort to fulfill your wishes, but one must remember that this is wood or stone. Not every design will be a proper choice for every piece of wood or stone.

Other elegant products include: Pens,  Jewelry Boxes, Keepsake Boxes, Cremation Urns, Cutting Boards


Proudly made in Michigan, USA

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